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Play While the Sun Shines

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

The saying goes “Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth!”  Play While the Sun Shines:


The Days of Low Volatility are back for now.  Yes, of course we can get hit again at anytime, but for now…Enjoy!


We have a strong breakout and all Market Indexes are in Overbought Territory. we should expect a correction within 12 days:


Step back and look at the long term picture…the Gloom and Doom say we have seven years to go and are due for a correction:


But the Three Year picture says we have another leg up to drive the Nasdaq to the natural resistance at 2900:


So how can Camp Sunshine advocates take maximum advantage of this turn up for the books?  Try ERG >255 with HGS Boxes:


This is where the Big Fish in the Pond reside and make you the most money in the shortest time…check it out for yourself:


Now that  HGSI provides all of these rich features, it takes only a few minutes to produce the results to prove the value:


Play close to your vest with tight stops, and enjoy.  Best Regards, Ian

Market Indexes are at Stalemate, with a slight Upward Bias

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

This past month has been dreary with little to write about since the Japanese Calamity and the Libya Conflict.  Stalemate with a slight upward bias is the word of the day:


…And here is the evidence, with most Indexes in the low 50’s:


…And here is another view using the S&P 1500 which tells us the same thing:


Those who attended the Seminar a few weeks ago will understand the value of this view, which suggests we are in the Buy/Hold area:


The Nasdaq broke out nearly three weeks ago and fell back to support at 2735 where it is pausing to refresh:


Here is the most surprising picture which presents a conundrum…totally complacent, the lowest we have seen since the Peak in 2007:


The leaders count is the most encouraging picture to suggest we may have one more rally in the making:


…And here is a selection of New America Stocks to keep a beady eye on to tell you if the Market turns up or down:


The Index chart of this list looks strong and ready to go again…we shall see:


There you have it…play it close to the vest and pick the stocks with the right credentials for quick gains, until you see which way the wind blows.

Best Regards, Ian.

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