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What a difference a month makes!

I repeat “What a difference a month makes!” A month ago I said “Who would have imagined a 400 point drop in the Dow in one day?  Sadly, the ‘ripples of consternation’ expressed by the former Fed Chairman, Uncle Alan, coupled with the Asian Markets taking a couple of days dive, added to the most recent problems of sub-prime lenders getting walloped by the market was just too much for the struggling Bulls to stomach.” Now a month later the Ides of March are behind us, all the major indices have regained their composure and we are knocking on the doors of a return to the old highs. Those in the bear camp are patiently waiting to sing the chorus of “Be patient as we are headed for a double top”. They have been biting their fingernails as they have loaded up with QID’s (the double -leveraged NDX 100 ETF’s on the short side) long before now, but are waiting for bad news to make their dreams come true.

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