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Wolf Packs to Watch

 Two Wolf Packs

Since my associate Ron Brown is basking in the sun in Italy, I thought I would give you a bonus this weekend to get your jollies (hopes) up and help you through withdrawal symptoms while he is away for the next two weeks.   Following up on my note of yesterday, here are two Wolf Packs to Watch for this coming week.  In the view above, I show the Energy Drilling which has a Ian Slow of 60, but note that its 3 week % Chg is much higher at 82.  Likewise, as you can see from the colors, the momentum has been increasing during the last three weeks.  Below that I show the same two views for Internet Software, and here again you can see that although the Ian Slow Rel Str is 67, the % Chg for three weeks is a healthy 90.  

In the views below, I have identified ten stocks from each group.  Please don’t get excited if your screens don’t turn up the same stocks…just go with the flow.  My suggestion is to pop these two Groups of ten stocks each in Quote Tracker or E-Signal, or Trade Station or whatever other real-time software you have and watch them relative to the Market.  If they are healthy then you know what to do.  If they are not moving wait for another day and see if they go then.  If the Market is rotten and these groups don’t go, it’s a busted play and you have lost nothing!  More importantly, the purpose of this exercise is to see if these are the right Wolf Packs for this week and if the concept works as a general rule.  It’s always “Your Call”.  The most important point is that all of this is only possible using the unique tools we have in the HGSI Software.   

Best regards, Ian

Wolf Pack Stocks 

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