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Market’s Up, Surf’s Up – My Blue Heaven!

Blue Heaven

There are just four weeks left till there will be a “Gathering of the Clans” here in Sunny Palos Verdes for the October 27 to 29 HGSI Seminar, just 15 miles south of the LAX Airport and what better place to be than to taste a bit of my Blue Heaven?!  We look forward to seeing you all and there are still seats available if you are thinking of coming.  Sign up on the highgrowthstock.com web-site, and we appreciate your support.   A couple of notes back I said the shape of the Index Chart patterns suggested we were getting ready for the second leg of a High Tight Flag and it seems we are on that path right now.  You can tell when the High Growth Stocks are in fashion when our good friend Dave Steckler hits six out of ten so far this week in his 10% club…those stocks that give a pop for 10%.  You have to be nimble and take the money off the table, but its Blue Heaven when one can do that so often.  Likewise the list of 18 stocks has been percolating along since I mentioned them in the Gladiator Blog of September 5, 2007.  Those showing negative results had their day in the sun just a couple of weeks ago, so one has to be fairly nimble, though an overall 10% in 3 weeks is quite feasible.  Just use the filter in the September Newsletter and you will have winners these days. blue Heaven StocksWe are fast approaching the 4th quarter, and as we well know the S&P 500 has been up 13 years out of the last 15 with an average gain of 6.3% and 7.2% over the last five years in the 4th qtr.  The two negative years were 1994 and 2000, so we shall see what 2007 brings us.  That suggests we should be up a further 100 points between friends on the S&P 500 by year end.  This should take us to around 1630.  Best Regards, Ian. 


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