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Our Motto is that “We Aim To Please and Teach You to Make More Money”, and I do hope that over the months you have visited this blog that you have seen one avenue by which we keep you abreast of the pulse of the market, the opportunities we see, and avoiding the pitfalls that are out there.  We have several other Free and Pay for offerings and these are listed below.  A Key Objective of ours among many others is to teach you how to Preserve your Capital and avoid catching a Falling Knife. 

The HGSI Team is hitting on all cylinders and we hope you are enjoying seeing how we weave our way through the minefields and tiptoe through the tulips. With all the gloom and doom around us which I have managed to steer you through of late, including the expected downdraft in the market which was first signaled three months ago, this has been a difficult time for us all.  However, through it all, you have also seen that the HGSI Software and the proprietary Indicators we have developed can pinpoint when the Markets are in trouble, when they are oversold and when we can expect an all clear for a new rally.  In addition, my partner Ron Brown and I have demonstrated how to use HGSI to guide us to the Wolf Packs and therefore the Industry Groups that present opportunities for stock selection from time to time.  Here is an example of the power of HGSI for ferreting out opportunities on the “buy side”, even in a rotten and scary sell off as we are experiencing today:


We pride ourselves that we offer many free services in addition to the twice annual High Growth Stock Market Seminars and the Monthly Newsletter which cost $1100/person for a three day seminar and $200/Year for the Newsletter.  It is time for you to sign up for the March Seminar with details as follows: 

March 2008 Workshop
Workshops are held in Palos Verdes Estates just 15 miles south of the Los Angeles Airport.  The March 2008 workshop is 3 days from March 29, 30, 31, 2008.  The price is $1100/person:

Newsletter Subscribers and Trial Customers ($200/Year for Subscribers): The Ian Woodward and Ron Brown January 2008 issue of the High Growth Stock newsletter and instructional video are now ready for download at the HGS website.  www.highgrowthstock.com/memberarea   If you are not a subscriber or active trial user and wish to subscribe, here is the link to our order page: www.highgrowthstock.com/order  

FREE – Weekly Market Report and video
Ron Brown publishes free stock market reports and video weekly using the Designer, Warehouse and filters to show how the markets are doing.  Many customers find this report extremely valuable because it also shows how the software can be used. The past five (5) weeks are available for you to review: www.highgrowthstock.com/WeeklyReports   Ron also provides many of the filters, warehouse views, combo rankings that he uses as a free download from the HGS
Learning Center

FREE – HGS Learning Center
Here we post a user guide, documents, movies and other downloads that may be useful to you.�

FREE – User Forum 
A good place to ask questions and learn about investing strategies, stock and market talk.  Many customers are professional money managers as well as experienced private investors.

Best Regards, Ian. 

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