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Stock Market: Liked the January Jobs Report!

Here is Part 2 of the Blog Note on the Jobs Report with a tip of the hat to John Bollinger, aka jb:

Bollinger Picture2

The Bulls earned a reprieve with a strong rebound and follow through to the previous day:

Bollinger Indexes 2

The Russell 2000 (RUT) also bounced back, but is not out of the woods as yet:

Bollinger RUT

Now for my fun…who would have “thunk it”…Wonders never cease to amaze on the reaction to the Jobs Report:

Bollinger Jobs

The Acc:Dist ratio is still oversold at 0.65, and we need another 500 stocks in A+B to even get to Stalemate:

Bollinger abcde2

The Bulls have salvaged the Rally in the last two days, but now comes the real test to see if they can move higher:

Bollinger Pat2

Written while enjoying the Golf at Pebble Beach and the Ski-Jumping at the Olympics.  Give me your feedback!


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