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Stock Market: One Word…Turmoil!

A very Happy Easter Wishes to all of you in this Shake and Bake Market, as I watch Matt Kucher and Luke Donald battle it out on the Golf Course at Hilton Head, South Carolina in the Heritage Classic.

Easter Picture

At least the Stock Market Bounced for what has been the best week of the Year, and I suppose we mustn’t complain that it wasn’t better especially for the NASDAQ and the RUT, but Beggars can’t be choosers!

Easter Indexes

Sad to say that the Canaries are gasping in the Coalmine and their Index is down a whopping -31%.  Let’s hope that it is time for these to see some support from what is an oversold Index:

Easter Canaries

…And here is the Index to prove it:

Easter Canaries2

The Russel 2000 (RUT) which has been a leading Index for so long has now turned to being the second poorest from its high at -6.2% and only just ahead of the NASDAQ which is at -6.3%:

Easter RUT

With the rebound this week in the Market, the VIX is quiet once again and in the ENJOY area:

Easter VIX

…And here is the “Enjoy”, if you dare to play:

Easter VIX2

Grandma’s Pies show that the S&P 1500 is essentially back to Stalemate:

Easter Pies

Here is the Turmoil we have tolerated for the last three months:

Easter Turmoil

Let’s be realistic about where this Market stands despite all the Wibbly-Wobbly we have tolerated;  Except for the NASDAQ, RUT and NDX, most Indexes are only -4% or far less from their Highs.

Easter Indexes2

I am thinking of my buddy the Scotsman, Mike MacDonald, and hoping like him for a Highland Fling in the Market:

Easter Fling

Good Luck to you all.  Best Regards.


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