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Stock Market: Pause, then Santa Claus Rally

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, and now after a Pause to Refresh we should expect to start the seasonal Santa Claus Rally.

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The Market Indexes have been very strong coming out of the “V” Bottom and with 30 Trading Days of progress, we are now overdue for a correction and a Pause to refresh before we begin the Santa Claus Rally.

Thanks Indexes

The Twelve Drummers Count has now reach 30 and we have not had a rally like this since January 2013, so the odds favor some form of a correction before we see the traditional Santa Claus Rally:

Thanks Drummers

I have added three columns to give us more insight of how the strength moves up and down the Buckets Ladder.  I show the tally for the bottom four, middle four, and top four buckets which clearly show when the bias is up or down for an Early Warning:

Thanks Buckets

To prove my point, the next chart shows that we reached a Top 4 Bucket count of 82 all of 19 trading days ago on 10/31/2014 and have slid down the count as shown:

Thanks Bucket Count

%B for the S&P 1500 is still strong at 0.82, but we should now expect a decline based on the above:

Thanks Percent B

This next chart shows the progress in the past 30 Days after reaching a bottom, and as I suggest it is now time for a correction:

Thanks Pat

Lastly, here is the chart of the Accumulation:Distribution Ratio with the NASDAQ now in Overbought Territory and expecting a correction:

Thanks AccDist

Net-net, play the odds of a small correction before we start the usual Santa Claus Rally, but realize we are into New High Territory.

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