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A Hair Raising Experience…This See Saw Market

Two Hair Raising Experiences in a Day!  One was on the Market and the other at the DMV.  The good news is we had a Eureka Signal today and I passed my Driver’s Written Test!

Hair Raising

 Hair Raising Chart

I have been spoon feeding you with blow by blow commentary for three weeks now.  So I am going to turn the tables on you and maybe you can take a crack on the highgrowthstock.com bulletin board to see if you agree with my fly specking (looking for minute clues) whether a bottom is setting in or not.  Remember how we were whipsawed with a similar situation in May through July of 2006.  I say it again, trading in moments is where it is at right now, and take your trades off before the end of the day!  Best Regards, Ian

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