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Cannons to Right, Cannons to Left, Volleyed and Thundered


Here’s a bonus for you tonight; I’m sure you are itching to see the picture I see.  Look over to the extreme right and you will see a thin pink line and thick pink line, representing two days in a row.  All told we have three Hindenburg Omen signals this week, as described in my previous blog.  Best Regards, Ian

One Response to “Cannons to Right, Cannons to Left, Volleyed and Thundered”

  1. Theresa Hui Says:

    Hi Ian,

    Thank you so very much for writing all these blogs even as you are already busy getting ready for the workshop next week. I know I will be richly rewarded whenever I check for your blogs.

    Thanks for reminding us to be on the alert. I’ve been taking some profits off the table; guess I’ll take some more tomorrow morning before I leave town.

    We look forward to seeing you, Ron & all the others at the workshop in 8 days! Hope you’ve ordered sunshine for us as well!

    Best regards,

    Theresa H.

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