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Will Helicopter Ben make this Stock Market Soar Tomorrow?


A strong supporter and concerned customer wrote “I missed Ian’s blog this weekend.  Hope he’s busy or traveling, rather than sick.”  Sunni 

Hi Sunni:  Thanks for the concern and I am glad you may be having withdrawal symptoms…I am just taking a little R&R: 

  1. The Carpel Tunnel said lay off a bit, and chastising me for doing too much typing 
  2. The Newsletter is due this weekend and I have to save some goodies for that 
  3. The Game Plan is intact and all is well so far:     
  • Despite volume concerns which are natural…skittish waiting for tomorrow, holiday season, etc.,      
  • 4-dma up through the 9, 17, 200 and 50-dma in that order spells strong move in ten days     
  • 110 points in 10 days is over a 7% recovery for the S&P 500     
  • The Index has poked its head above the 405-Freeway downtrend-line, above the 50-dma and has achieved a 61.8% retracement on the Fibonacci levels…All tough resistance, so things are looking up. 

Never Count your Chickens before Helicopter Ben makes his decision tomorrow…then with luck, fly high. Hopefully you have been making good money these past ten days as I have…but as you have said in the past you have to keep one foot near the exit signs.  On a personal note, my Nephew is visiting from England and I hope you folks will understand if I lie low for a few days. Best Regards, Ian.

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