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Late Breaking News: The Leaders are Not Acting Correctly


I said yesterday that I must take time to write the newsletter. But I am full of surprises…like the Stock Market these days. So here’s once around the park for my blogging friends.  

One Objective I had when I started this blog over 6 months ago was not only to teach you how to marry the HGS Investing Process to be in tune with the Market Ebb and Flow, but to also give my faithful followers of this site the PULSE of What’s Happening Now!  News gets stale very quickly these days where information rather than data is always at a premium, so here is a News Break for you to ensure that I strike while the iron is hot and show you there is always a method in my madness behind what I cover in these blog notes. 

Late Breaking News: 

For months I have identified two key concepts in the Process of HGS Investing:

  1. Always have a recent list of Current Leaders as exemplified by the RonIandex.
  2. Identify the Super Gorillas and watch their action – as they go so goes the market 

I am sure you have had that drummed into you that you wondered when I would say something else other than watch AAPL, BIDU, GOOG, GRMN and RIMM.  You have also heard me say watch the chart of the overall RonIandex, a feature one can only do in HGSI, and if it breaks the 17-dma watch out below and if it breaks the 50-dma, watch out PERIOD.  Likewise, you have heard me say that these leaders are excellent candidates that will give you great entry points to buy on pullbacks for either short or intermediate gains, and you have all played that trick to the hilt. 

The beauty of this Blog is that I can get a quick note out to you that not only makes you money, but saves you money on the fly, while I am pressured to get started on the Newsletter. 

Sit up and Take Notice:

  1. The Iandex has broken the 50-dma and is on the hairy edge
  2. The top Guns are not behaving properly…they are sluggish and have no life
  3. Even the likes of CF…one of the few stocks out of the remaining hot wolf pack of fertilizers gave up its excellent breakout of two days ago and is sitting now right at its breakout or breakdown point for a false breakout at $112.60
  4. Yes, we all know this market is badly oversold, but at times like these it is the feel of the pulse of what is happening that is most important.  Of course we are looking for a bounce.  I say the Market is FEELING lifeless and has no bullish follow through on all I covered in the previous two blogs on Uncle Ben.
  5. Those of you who are adept at playing both sides and can turn on a dime can make money.  Don’t commit your money to one side and if you play…well you know what to do.  Others hunker down in your foxholes.
  6. Finally, never try to guess what the market will do…its better to go with what it tells you.  This is an EVENT driven market and it can do U-Turns which is always difficult for Freight Trains and Trucks to do in real life.  So be on your toes and don’t dig in your heels.

So my friends, the rest will be covered in the newsletter which I must hurry off to get started on.  Keep your Powder Dry and please tell your friends that this site keeps you abreast of Late Breaking News at the Most Critical Points in time, and cuts through the chaff to try and give you the beef.  Stay tuned.

 Best regards, Ian.

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