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The HGS Investor March Newsletter Overview


  • If I was Shakespeare writing a newsletter on the Stock Market I would start with “Beware the Ides of March”.  I am sure you all recall the famous scene in Julius Caesar where he was killed by his fellow senators on March 15, and said those famous lines of “Et tu Brute`”…You too, Brutus.  Fortunately there is no Brutus in this current predicament that we are experiencing in the market, but it is uncanny how very often at this time of the year, my starting paragraph has recalled that we are again at the Ides of March.   
  • As you are all aware by now, the exciting news is that the HGSI team has yet again turned up trumps with a new upgrade in the software, thanks to a team of our customers who developed the concept of Bongo for better defining potential entry and exit points to help in the decision process.   Many thanks to George and Matt for incorporating the requirements into the software in record time.  As I will cover in this newsletter, this new function dovetails well with the other proprietary Indicators which are all familiar to you, i.e., Hindenburg Omen, Bingo, Eureka and the High Jump.  As I explain in the text, the sequence of the linkages of the various Indicators is very important.  I also cover a recap of the Eureka Indicator when it signals a potential market rally, and I have solved the mystery that confounded us back in June and July of 2006 of seeing several Eureka signals within a span of two months which struck us as highly unusual at that time. In a sentence, New Highs on the NYSE must be greater than New Lows when the Eureka gives its signals!  Ron and I will show you why at the seminar.    
  • Ron’s movie and focus this month is on showing you his approach to use the Bongo Daily and Bongo Weekly indicators.  He explains in the text and the movie how he has adapted the indicators to be applied in the top down investing process.  Not only do they work well for market timing, they are an excellent tool to quickly isolate securities having various Bongo signals. 
  • The next Seminar will be from March 29 to 31, 2008, and it is time to get cracking and sign up.  We already have 50 paid, so if you intend on coming hurry as we have fewer than 5 seats remaining.  Sign up on the website.  It’s First-come-first-served. 
  • Additional Short Commentary:  The market is very jittery and sensitive to a lot of government intervention.  The constant barrage of news is making any normal Technical Analysis assessment essentially worthless.  Virtually all of the 416 point gain on the DOW was wiped out this week.  Next week is critical, but I have said that for a few weeks now!  Tuesday we have the FOMC, it is a short week with a Holiday on Good Friday and Visa is a behemoth New IPO to come on Thursday.  Hold on to your hats and your wallet as well.  Best Regards, Ian.

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