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Fresh from the HGS Investor Seminar…The JIRM Index


  1. A great time was had by all at the HGS Investor March Seminar, and hot off the press, I am posting the fruits of our labors.  The newbies at the show now understand the language and the repartee Ron and I have with each other and with the attendees, and as the caption implies we might be spreading our “JIRM’s” by this early heads-up for all our supporters. The title was made up by the initials of first names of four of us, including our good friend and biggest fan…Manu.  So, if this Index goes sour on us you can blame him, since without his help the acronym would have made no sense on the intended pun! 
  2. In case you get the impression that these three days are all fun and no substance, just think again.  Besides learning about the HGSI Suite of Indicators, we had an intense review and understanding of the pulse of the market, all the files, filters, combo ranks and chart views which Ron has developed, where do we go from here and what to look for with targets set for the Game Plan ahead.  The newbies will now understand the jargon I am prone to use including winky-winky, flicky-flicky and other Good Stuff!  
  3. But enough of that except to say that the next seminar will be from October 25 to 27, 2008, so put it on your calendar and we hope to see you then.  As you well know for the past 15 years I have offered what was originally called the Iandex and since 1999 became the RonIandex.  This is usually a list of 20 Leaders in the market that are selected to give an EARLY WARNING that the Market is over-extended and when all get hit the Index will plunge for a heads-up to take heed. An excellent example of this was the 10142007 Gorilla RonIandex which has been shown and mentioned several times on this blog and in the newsletter.  In that case back in October, it gave an excellent signal that all was not well, though as faithful readers of this blog know only too well, when the market is on a strong up day, the herd comes screaming back to buy these very beaten down stocks.  The Index is up 3.95% today at 11.50am PST, so go do your homework in past blogs to find the RonIandex. 
  4. However, on this occasion, we felt we would try something different and I am showing you below the JIRM Index which was a Case Study the attendees did led by our good friend Jeffrey Scott to find potentially strong candidates that were showing some signs of life in this rotten market.  Take it at face value for what it is and don’t blame us if you get germs from it.  Here is a snapshot of the Index components which on a 100 share lot per stock basis is currently up 2.03% on a strong up day in the market as I write this blog at 11.39am PST.  Ron and my usual disclaimer is that we do not tout stocks, but try to show examples of the fruits of our labors through his weekly movies, the newsletter and this blog.

chartThe HGSI Team sends many thanks to all our strong supporters for keeping us young at heart and fresh in spirit as we move us all forward to higher goals in the future. Best Regards, Ian.

2 Responses to “Fresh from the HGS Investor Seminar…The JIRM Index”

  1. Theresa Hui Says:

    Hi Ian,

    Have you recovered from the workshop yet? All that work wore you out, didn’t it? It was such an awesome experience; but then we’ve all come to expect that, knowing that you & Ron always outdo yourselves!

    You’ve only put out this one blog since the seminar, & I’m starting to have withdrawn syndrome!

    Thanks again for the workshop. Take care & please send your lovely wife Pat our best regards.


  2. ian Says:

    Hi Theresa:

    I’m glad that you, Peter and all the attendees had such a good time last week, and that you are already having withdrawal symptoms!

    I put off doing my Taxes till after the seminar, so I am still buried sorting out the forms. The 50-dma is flat to slightly up, the Eurekas are working and all Indexes are firing “green” on the Bongo, so Types 1, 2 and 3 should get cracking, but be ready to vacate if we have a negative surprise. New Highs – New Lows are 57 to 10 so up 47 which is improving but needs this week to confirm.

    The market is shrugging off bad news so that too is a sign that the Bears are cautious and the Bulls are encouraged. Keep a beady eye on the VIX, which has usually bounced off the 200-dma, so the Bears are anxiously looking for that bounce. If the VIX breaks downwards HARD through the 200-dma, that will be the first sign that the Bulls have turned the corner, and that we are at least in for a decent rally. At this stage, if that were to happen, it would still be a Bear Market Rally until we get further up on the rise. If the VIX Bounces off the 200-dma then it is the same old stuff we have seen for the past six months, and the Bears will be back in control in the short timeframe. See that…now you know precisely what to look for next week, so no excuses if you don’t send me that third million of yours soon! Best Regards, Ian.

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