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A Hot HGSI Investment Idea – the 401-Keg!

I had planned to use this slide as my opening remarks for the Seminar in 2&1/2 week’s time, but after two days of utter chaos in the stock market, I felt a bit of levity would be in order rather than my writing a screed of where we stand.  Who knows…I may still use it?!


To at least give you an idea of the market’s reaction to the European debacle today after their Markets followed suit since our decline after the Bailout Bill was passed, here is what transpired on the DOW:

In a sentence, it is called “Pick up the Pieces!”


Enjoy!  Best regards, Ian.

3 Responses to “A Hot HGSI Investment Idea – the 401-Keg!”

  1. rdflori Says:


    Tell us about your thoughts re gold.

  2. Ryan G Says:

    Interesting insight. I’m starting a beer-can collection.

  3. Matt DK Says:

    Hi Ian

    I’ve become a regular visitor to your blog. I don’t know much about investing. However, I have a fair sum of money available in bonds and also some cash (+$200.000). Considering the current crisis, do you think that it is a good time for a novice like me to start investing in stocks…? And what is your best advice to the newbies. I’ve tried to follow the ups and downs of the stock market together with the commentary from the news pundits in the last couple of month. The 22nd of September you wrote on this blog:

    “I’m not suggesting that we head down to 800 on the S&P 500 any time soon, but the odds of 1150 is now almost a certainty and again, if we see any signs of bickering in Congress we are headed for 1000 and possibly lower.”

    I’m asking since I’ve become a little wary of the risk involved with stocks.

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