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The Stock Market in a Nutshell!

You thought I had forgotten about you…No, just busy. As I am sure you can tell, Ron and I are feverishly working up a storm for the Seminar in less than two weeks time, and we thank you for your support.  We still have seats available, so sign up if you want to have three days of intense training and fun at the same time.

I have summarized the Market in one chart and the VIX is the Indicator to Watch.  You have seen the chart below several times…and are probably sick to death with it.  I tell you this is the one chart that summarizes the impending action in the market in a nutshell:


The messages are on the chart, but I repeat:

Complacency has Set in – Any Knee Jerk Above 28 is a Strong Warning Sign
                                               – Any Move Below 22 we have a Raging Bull Market

I see the gurus are touting Dow 10,000, and why not, it’s about time.  A break below 22 to the downside on the VIX will do that and more for us. 

If not, the Doom and Gloom Camp will be itching to say “I told you so, this Rally is being manipulated and was moving on fumes.”


Stay “Light on Your Feet”.  Best Regards, Ian.

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