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Beware the Black Cross Cometh!

The message given today’s debaucle is simple:  Beware the Black Cross Cometh!


With a Phoenix today, the rally is in big jeapordy, unless it is nothing more than game playing by the Big Boys.  Understand I suggested in my last blog that you watch out for Step #3 …the dreaded Head and Shoulders Top! 

The Bulls must step up to the plate tomorrow, otherwise watch out below.  If the 50-dma comes down heavily through the 200-dma on the NYSE, we have a Black Cross, or some call it the Death Cross.  Take your pick.  The other Indexes are not quite there yet, but it could set the mood.

Best Regards, Ian.

One Response to “Beware the Black Cross Cometh!”

  1. Paul R Says:


    Black cross, ugh!

    But how does one trade these days with these “Black Box Computer” generated instant trades all day?

    I’m think about buying a shovel or another mattress.

    Paul R

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