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Santa Claus Rally is out of the Fog with Rudolf!

We have had two weeks of Stalemate as I mentioned in my blog of November 21st, but the last three days Rudolf has led Santa out of the Fog…for now!

Here is the Stalemate I showed you as we “Paused to Refresh” these last two weeks:

However, we have broken out of the Fog these last three days and are cranking up:

The new lesson is to understand “Ebb-Tide” for the to and fro of the Market:

Here is the usual chart which shows the progress in the last 14 Weeks:

This next slide should stiffen up your backbone that two Eurekas this week always help to drive the momentum with 393 stocks in the top bucket >1.0 for the S&P 1500:

…And this should confirm that you should sharpen your pencil for the upside:

Here are the Market Index Stats for %B in buckets as of yesterday, December 3rd:

For you lucky people who have Edgerater, here is my Santa Claus Present for you:

Let’s try again outside the picture: http://www.edgerater.com     When you are done here…you won’t regret it.

And Finally, here is a snippet from Ron Brown’s musings which sums up the whole picture for why we are at where we are.  Please get his weekly movie at the highgrowthstock.com website for a detailed review using HGSI software:

You can tell the holiday spirit is already at this house.  Have fun, Ian.

One Response to “Santa Claus Rally is out of the Fog with Rudolf!”

  1. Chris White Says:

    Thanks for the mention Ian!

    You’ve done some amazing work with all this analysis – hats off to you!

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