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Santa Claus Rally is out of the Fog with Rudolf!

We have had two weeks of Stalemate as I mentioned in my blog of November 21st, but the last three days Rudolf has led Santa out of the Fog…for now!

Here is the Stalemate I showed you as we “Paused to Refresh” these last two weeks:

However, we have broken out of the Fog these last three days and are cranking up:

The new lesson is to understand “Ebb-Tide” for the to and fro of the Market:

Here is the usual chart which shows the progress in the last 14 Weeks:

This next slide should stiffen up your backbone that two Eurekas this week always help to drive the momentum with 393 stocks in the top bucket >1.0 for the S&P 1500:

…And this should confirm that you should sharpen your pencil for the upside:

Here are the Market Index Stats for %B in buckets as of yesterday, December 3rd:

For you lucky people who have Edgerater, here is my Santa Claus Present for you:

Let’s try again outside the picture: http://www.edgerater.com     When you are done here…you won’t regret it.

And Finally, here is a snippet from Ron Brown’s musings which sums up the whole picture for why we are at where we are.  Please get his weekly movie at the highgrowthstock.com website for a detailed review using HGSI software:

You can tell the holiday spirit is already at this house.  Have fun, Ian.

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