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Stock Market: Kahuna Cannons Volleyed and Thundered!

With apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson, there was a major shot across the bow yesterday, and I wanted to get a quick blog note out before the Jobs Report descends on us tomorrow morning, so that my East Coast friends can chew on this before the opening.

I think the charts give you a decent perspective of the turn of events and it therefore does not need any dialog from me, so I will just show the charts for you to digest and enjoy:

Many thanks to all who dropped me a line of support and encouragement.  Best Regards, Ian.

2 Responses to “Stock Market: Kahuna Cannons Volleyed and Thundered!”

  1. Paul R Says:

    Ian, 5 hours before bed time, many thanks! 😉

    As always appreciate the blogs.

    Paul R

  2. Theresa Hui Says:

    Hi Ian,

    Many thanks for taking time to write all those timely, valuable & precise blogs & the captions to go with them. We were travelling when your last blog came out. I wasn’t able to drop you a thank you note due to internet problem at the hotel. I sure have been keeping my beady eyes on the buckets!

    Hope you are enjoying your summer. Our best regards to your lovely wife Pat.

    Best regards,
    Theresa Hui

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