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Stock Market: Miracles Happened Overnight!

Before I address the Market, let me pause to Remember this fateful day which is all on our minds:

Miracles Picture

Out of the Blue with all the Gloom and Doom around us with regard to the Syrian Affair, we got a Miracle:

Miracles Market

…And here to prove it the Markets¬†were all up on Monday and Tuesday, and holding today:

Miracles Market2

The RUT is flying high again at Mid day on Wednesday morning as I write this blog note:

Miracles RUT

It doesn’t take two seconds to see the strength come back into the Market in the last couple of days:

Miracles Market3

Even the Accumulation vs. Distribution Ratio is almost back to Stalemate:

Miracles abcde

With the Ratio this low at 0.87 and the NASDAQ into New High Territory, it suggests we have a lot higher to go.¬† We’ll see:

Miracles Ratio

Even %A-%E is showing signs of life again:

Miracles a-e

Grandma’s Pies show the Bulls are back in control:

Miracles Pie

…And last but not least, look at the Bucket Skips the last two days, showing the Bulls are back in control:

Miracles Pat

Many thanks to all of you who wrote to wish me for my Birthday last week.

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