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Stock Market: Liked the January Jobs Report!

Here is Part 2 of the Blog Note on the Jobs Report with a tip of the hat to John Bollinger, aka jb:

Bollinger Picture2

The Bulls earned a reprieve with a strong rebound and follow through to the previous day:

Bollinger Indexes 2

The Russell 2000 (RUT) also bounced back, but is not out of the woods as yet:

Bollinger RUT

Now for my fun…who would have “thunk it”…Wonders never cease to amaze on the reaction to the Jobs Report:

Bollinger Jobs

The Acc:Dist ratio is still oversold at 0.65, and we need another 500 stocks in A+B to even get to Stalemate:

Bollinger abcde2

The Bulls have salvaged the Rally in the last two days, but now comes the real test to see if they can move higher:

Bollinger Pat2

Written while enjoying the Golf at Pebble Beach and the Ski-Jumping at the Olympics.  Give me your feedback!


2 Responses to “Stock Market: Liked the January Jobs Report!”

  1. Scott Mamolo Says:

    Thank you Ian. We do indeed live in amazing times and I appreciate you taking the time to provide Good Stuff for us to add to our plan and process this important upcoming week with a lot of Fed Speak and little in the way of planned market buy operations.

  2. Theresa Hui Says:

    Hi Ian,

    Thank you again for your detailed analysis. We really appreciate your tireless efforts in writing all these life saving blogs to keep us out of danger.

    Hope your favorite teams are winning in these events!


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