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Stock Market: A Review of the Past Three Weeks

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

With Memorial Weekend upon us, I felt I should step back and recap what has transpired these last three weeks as we have moved from a Bactrian two humped Camel to a Dromedarian to the Bears winning to the Bulls and Canaries showing a new Spark of Life.  I will use many of the charts you are familiar with together with some new fodder to help us determine what to do going forward.  So let’s use four different Pictures interspersed with fodder to show us what we have endured these past few weeks:

Recap Picture

…And this chart showed the Bifurcation and the Market in Stalemate at the time, with the Nasdaq and NDX the laggards!

Recap Bifurcation

Here was the picture of the eight Market Indexes we follow which show the S&P 500 and DJIA leading:

Recap Indexes

…And to round this week out, my favorite chart shows the Turmoil of a Wibbly Wobbly Market we endured:

Recap Pat

The Theme Chart was obvious for the next week, where it signals that Type 3 & 4 Longer Term Players should hunker down:

Recap Wibbly

…And true to form, the two humped Camel turned to one, with all Market Indexes headed down with a 2:1 ratio to the downside:

Recap Pie

The Market Indexes Chart shows the dramatic drop back to support at the lower level, and concern that the Bears would win:

Recap Indexes2

The Canaries were all Gasping except for AAPL and confirming that the Big Cap NDX stocks were in trouble:

Recap Canaries

By this stage the Russell 2000 (RUT) Small Cap stocks were behaving the poorest as shown by the chart below:

Recap RUT

The underlying Accumulation vs Distribution chart was also showing that the Market was essentially in Stalemate:

Recap abcde

It didn’t take much to indicate that the Bears were winning the tug-o-war that week with all Market Indexes down:

Recap Picture3

The Buckets chart showed that the Two Humps bifurcation had changed to one with all Markets dragged downwards:

Recap Pie3

You don’t have to read the numbers to see that the Market Indexes were in Turmoil, and it seemed inevitable we were going down:

Recap Pat3

I know that some of you do a lot of work with two key features we have in the HGSI Software using the Group Performance Analysis (GPA) and the Group Inclusion Report (GIR), and here is a winky-winky to use the recent base lows to spot rotation as shown:

Recap Pat4

Would you believe it, the Big Guns decided that we were oversold, and the Market Indexes have all risen where the Bulls are back:

Recap Picture4

Inside a matter of three days Grandma’s Pies have reversed themselves from 2:1 against to 2:1 for the Bulls:

Recap Pie4

Here’s another brainwave with a new chart…use the Composite Market Indexes Price and %B to get a feel for the overall Market:

Recap Indexes3

Note how the Composite Index Price has been flat and tight for the best part of two months, and is finally hinting at a breakout.  Unlike the NASDAQ which took a beating but at long last is poking its head upwards with %B above the Upper Bollinger Band:


Would you believe it but the jolly old Canaries are perking up once again and confirming that the NDX is the leading Index:

Recap Canaries2

Finally, let’s not forget to look at the VIX and it signals you have at least a two to four day cushion to the upside this coming week:

Recap VIX

I hope you have enjoyed this long blog which gives you a flavor for how I put my blog notes together to keep you and me on the right side of the market.  Have a good Memorial Day Weekend!

Best Regards,


Stock Market: Bifurcated Bactrian!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

It has been more than a while since I used Camels to depict the Behavior of the Market (I stand corrected as I used Dromedarian earlier and am correcting it per one of our supporters as a Bactrian has two humps and not a Dromedarian), but that is exactly where we stand after the behavior of the Market Indexes these past few weeks, and I am sure you get the point:

Bractrian Picture

When a Market is essentially at Stalemate, and the chart pattern of Grandma’s Pies is double humped, it pays to see if there is a separation of Growth Stocks and Indexes vs Value.  Here is that picture:

Dromedarian Pie

The Market Indexes show the same problem with the NASDAQ and RUT lagging the rest:

Dromedarian Indexes

This next chart shows the Rationale for watching the Composite %B which is currently at 0.55 to ensure we focus on more that one particular Index like the NASDAQ or the Small Cap RUT:

Dromedarian Pat

This is a New Chart which shows the relationship of the NASDAQ not to its %B, but that of the Composite %B.  We note that at least for today the DJIA, S&P 500, S&P 100 and NYSE pulled the other Laggards up a bit where the NASDAQ %B and RUT are as low as 0.34 and 0.15, respectively.

Dromedarian hump

Now we wait to see which set of Market Indexes either pull the other set up or take the Market down.

Best Regards,


Stock Market: Sell in May and Go Away?

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Who knows where the Market goes from here, but for sure we are now in May and as we go Round and Round in Sunny Qatar, your guess is as good as mine.  Kevin and a few of his friends faithfully support my Blog, and even came out to Sunny Palos Verdes for one of our Seminars a few moons ago, so with tongue in cheek I give him a nod as I remind him of the joke on Nasal Catarhh!

May Picture

I say Round and Round we go, but really the Market Indexes are once again in a tizzy as they go up and down:

May Indexes

Many would say “What more do we want?” Most Indexes are close to their highs…that’s true.  But it is the skittishness of the Indexes in the Yo-Yo moves they have endured particularly over the past two months that makes Intermediate Term Investing very difficult, and most must play glued to their screens for the continuous rotation we see:


The Canaries as a group are still struggling, but trying to find support just below the 200-dma.

May Canaries

…And here is the Canaries Index which shows it has dropped -33% from its high and struggling for support:

May Canaries2

The Accumulation:Distribution Ratio is essentially struggling at Stalemate, i.e., 50:50, so again little enthusiasm:

May abcde

Finally, I show you the S&P 1500 as it has meandered up and down over the past two months, is 16 days up from its recent low, and doesn’t seem to be able to push much higher.  Unless we see a major push in Grandma’s Pies to the upside, we are now at a day count of 16 days which suggests the bias is down before it trots up:

May Pies

Best Regards,


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