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Stock Market: Protect and Grow Our Nest Eggs

At times like these, I like to remind my supporters that my aim with this blog is to Provide Insight at Market Extremes of Fear and Greed to Protect and Grow our Nest Eggs.  We are now at an Extreme which can go up further but it is time to take stock of where we are and to show you how I manage such times:

Greed Picture

An earlier Blog Note gave you the target for the next step up in the NASDAQ of 4400, and by jove we did it:

Greed Nasdaq

For those of you who are not familiar with the term “Bongo Weekly or Daily” here are the definitions:

Greed Bongo

This next chart is worth its weight in gold, as it shows the percentages for various types of Corrections:

Greed Indexes

To simplify chart patterns, I work essentially with three basic types as shown below:

Greed Charts

Here are four examples showing entry points based on Code Blue as shown below:

Greed ACT

Greed AKRX

Greed FB

Greed TSLA

The Market Indexes have been a bit jittery these last few days both up and down, and here is a snapshot I took earlier in the day before the market closed:

Greed Indexes2

The Canaries were chirping up strongly yesterday and here is that snapshot…down a bit today.

Greed Canaries

The VIX is still behaving quiet and we have plenty of Cushion:

Greed VIX

The A+B : D+E Ratio peaked at 4.1 and has backtracked these last three days, but still strong:

Greed abcde

One of these days the markets will take a whacking, but for now they are still striving and struggling to go higher and as I showed you we are now well into Greed Territory, so play things close to your chest with tight stops.

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