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One Good Turn Deserves Another



On a lazy Monday morning when the Stock Market is not open, I felt I should pay a compliment to a fellow blogger “Buddy” who has my site on his Links and Resources, and return the favor by pointing out his blog to you.  It is a neat site, and what I envy is that his notes pierce to the heart of the matter, are short and crisp and just made for those in a hurry to get the feel for the Weather On Wall Street.  Put this site on your rosta of sites to visit and enjoy his insight.  Don’t mean to steal his thunder, but here are three headlines that sum up the weather in his eyes:

  1.  Short Term: Neutral…..watch for break up or down from triangles.
  2. Intermediate Term: Bullish
  3. Long Term: Bearish 

 …and he gives a short synopsis of why and what to emphasize.  It’s what I call “Good Stuff”.  Keep up the good work, Buddy. Best regards, Ian.


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