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Helicopter Ben is Between a Rock and a Hard Place


The market opened with a bang to the upside buoyed by the overnight markets in both Asia and Europe being up, and the DOW shot up to the High of the Day at the Open at 14498.8, tried a valiant attempt to hold it by mid afternoon and then slithered to finish 11 points for a swing of roughly 160 points.  The Nasdaq didn’t fair any better but it dumped its high of 2350 down to 2306 at the close for a loss of 16 points.  Yet the opportunities within the day were plentiful if you know just where to look.  Most of the Smart Groups and StockPicker Groups featured under Woodward and Brown in the HGSI software gave you excellent fishing holes, and were right up the alley I left you with at the weekend. 

On Sunday I showed you where to do your homework and fishing for worthwhile candidates.  Just to remind you here is the Family Tree I offered you of where the best opportunities lay with Bottom Fishing being the primary theme:


Shown below are some snapshots of our favorite Smart Groups and StockPicker groups to show you where the emphasis was and also the very reasonable results for a day’s fishing, especially when the market closed down today.  As we well know, tomorrow can be different, but that is up to how good you are at fishing even when the wind is in your face.  What I am implying is that the High Growth Stock Investing Process can help you find you opportunities in good times and in bad, and we have simplified the process for you to select the best from the top 10 stocks in various favored approaches.  The bottom line is that there is nothing better than a High ERG stock in times like these.

coal Obviously many of the same stocks appear in these different Smart Groups, but with the Group Inclusion Report function in HGSI you can quickly establish the best of the bunch!  Best Regards, Ian.

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