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Modern Day Investing – Playing Snakes and Ladders

When I was a little boy of four, I used to love to play Snakes and Ladders.  In this country they call it Chutes and Ladders.  We didn’t have computers in those days, but dice games were the equivalent fun back then.


I took a look at the VIX – the measure of fear in the market, and it reminded me of playing Snakes and Ladders and/or Checkers. I am in my fox hole as you should never play Snakes and Ladders with your Money on the Stock Market.  Only very nimble Moment Traders can make a buck in this Market.


Short and sweet is my message for today. Cash is King or Short the Market.  You can tell I am poking fun at the idiocy of what “Investing in the Market” has come to mean in these times.

Best Regards, Ian

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