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Coming Out of the Fog!

The question last week was “A Pause to Refresh or a Correction?”  I guess we came
out of the fog with a strong move up today.  I am sure most would have bet that we
were headed down today, but what a turn up this was for the books?  I tell you it
is like trying to drive in a “pea-souper” in London many moons ago trying to second
guess the market, as it will prove us wrong time and time again:


Fortunately I gave you both sides of the coin and two items to watch to see which
way the wind was blowing; both the XLF ETF and the Best of the Rally Stocks performed very well today:



I feel I hit the nail on the head as to what to watch and would suggest you see if these
stocks and the XLF continue strong or that it was a one day wonder and fizzles.  Two of the stocks…RNOW and TAFT were tiddlers, but even they did well today.  If you feel this works for you, the lesson learned is to take a deep breath and next time put together a User Group which you can track that were leaders and had a week or so Pause to Refresh.

Best Regards, Ian.

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