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Play While the Sun Shines

The saying goes “Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth!”  Play While the Sun Shines:


The Days of Low Volatility are back for now.  Yes, of course we can get hit again at anytime, but for now…Enjoy!


We have a strong breakout and all Market Indexes are in Overbought Territory. we should expect a correction within 12 days:


Step back and look at the long term picture…the Gloom and Doom say we have seven years to go and are due for a correction:


But the Three Year picture says we have another leg up to drive the Nasdaq to the natural resistance at 2900:


So how can Camp Sunshine advocates take maximum advantage of this turn up for the books?  Try ERG >255 with HGS Boxes:


This is where the Big Fish in the Pond reside and make you the most money in the shortest time…check it out for yourself:


Now that  HGSI provides all of these rich features, it takes only a few minutes to produce the results to prove the value:


Play close to your vest with tight stops, and enjoy.  Best Regards, Ian

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