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Stock Market Dancing Like Gangnam Style!

My 11 Year old Grandson danced Gangnam Style at Thanksgiving and I am now in the groove and just couldn’t resist capturing this picture for posterity sake.  I wish I could get 884 Million hits on my blog!

The good news is that the NASDAQ has clawed its way back up above 3000 in this past week and now must face the challenge of moving to the High Road Scenario once again.

The Market Indexes Got a Knee Jerk at the Open on Wednesday, but shot back up to keep the Rally going:

There has been a big turnaround in the internals of the Market and especially the Accumulation vs Distribution ratio.  At least we are now out of the Stalemate Zone so the Santa Rally remains intact:

…And here is another snapshot which will stiffen your backbone with the improvement in Grandma’s Pies:

Last but not least we see we had the Pause to Refresh and are now trotting up again, albeit slowly:

…And here by popular request to prove I am a fast learner!

Enjoy your weekend.

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