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Stock Market: Hindenburg Omen Yesterday!

Yes, the Hindenburg Omen Scored another hit yesterday.

HO Picture

Chris White, the CEO of EdgeRater has provided us with a Template of the Hindenburg Omen which makes it simple to watch for this, and here is the recent evidence of when it has struck, including yesterday:

HO EdgeRater

This Recent Rally is now long in the tooth and deserves a rest as it has been 31 Trading days since it started back on 6/24/2013.  It has held up very well but is now running out of steam:

HO Pat

Further evidence comes from Grandma’s Pies for the S&P 1500 which confirms sluggishness:

HO Pies

…And, more of the same with A+B vs D+E showing deterioration in the last two weeks:

HO abcde

Lastly, %A-E is still healthy but not for long, so take heed of all these warning signs:

HO a-e

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