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Stock Market: Highest Jump Target Was Met!

Just when the Stock Market was reaching New Highs and the Highest Jump Target of 4350 on the NASDAQ was essentially met, the Ukraine Affair got the Market Jittery these last two days and we must now take a deep breath and see which way the wind is blowing from here.  The VIX has jumped up 2.33 points as I write this at 12.00 noon Pacific Coast Time.

Ukraine Picture

The next chart shows the usual picture we like to follow of the various Market Indexes.  After that major hit downwards on January 24, when the S&P 1500 had all of 45% of its stocks below the Lower Bollinger Band, we bounced back with a V-Bottom this past five weeks only to be greeted with turbulence from the Ukraine/Russia Kerfuffle.


Now for the fun stuff!  It did it again…the trusty old High Jump Tool came through for us with flying colors and we essentially reached the Target of 4350 at 4343 for a High.  You will note that it has struggled to get past 14.74% this last 3 months which showed the market was running out of steam and now we need the market to tell us whether it is just pausing to refresh or is headed down.

Ukraine Hi Jump 1

…And here for good measure is a Weekly picture which shows how steep the climb has been recently:

Ukraine Hi Jump 2

Despite the hiccup, the RUT is still sitting pretty and was back into new high territory a couple of days ago:

Ukraine RUT

…And to finish this off, the VIX climbed ~ 2 points today and should be viewed as a shot across the bow:

Ukraine VIX

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