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Goldilocks is exhausted and is looking grubby

My August High Growth Stock Newsletter for subscribers will be published tonight. Here is an overview for those who are not regular subscribers. If you are interested in subscribing use the link on the right side of my blog and go to the HGS website.

The sub-prime loan fiasco finally caught up with the market and we have been on a roller coaster ride this past month. Intra-day Volatility has been extremely high with swings of 200 points up or down in a day becoming commonplace. All Major Market Indexes are either at or close to their 200-dma lines and have recently printed 4-month closing lows this week. The seemingly low volume early this week may be attributed to seasonality and some “black box” trading firms who are taking a break until the dust settles.

I have done full treatment on Change Management as a precursor to good Money Management in this month’s newsletter, and describe the ten criteria which are important. I note in passing that the Benchmarking Process I use for Target Setting established an Intermediate High for the S&P 500 of 1557, and I am pleased to say that the current high peaked at 1555.40, which once again proves the process and tests of reasonableness used will get very accurate results with minimal surprises.

Ron Brown, my colleague has applied his attention to the Accumulation/Distribution criteria to find emerging stocks that have pedigreed earnings credentials and are emerging from a C+ through B accumulation. The clever application of certain criteria to the process of filtering and reserving other factors for the Combo Rank function gets the cream of the crop to the top. It’s pretty neat stuff using proprietary HGS software functions.

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