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A Couple of Software Wolf Packs to Chew On

In working together on ideas for the October 27 to 29 Seminar, my associate Ron Brown and I came across a potential Wolf Pack for this week with Computer Software Diversified.  Later I spied another one in the same Industry and that is shown below as Computer Storage and Peripherals.  Three weeks ago I gave you a similar Wolf Pack, Internet Software on 09/22/2007, which was just getting started and it has delivered 12.80% since then.  Since many groups have flown into the sunset, these two below are just getting started and may provide opportunities for stocks that are not quite so extended.  Do your homework.  The top view is based on Percentage Change 3 weeks with the number of periods set to One Year.  Enjoy the Bull Rally while you can, but Watch the Fly Me to the Moon winky-winky of the NDX 100 as that Index is leading and getting extended. It is 23 points from the 2200 I set as a near term target.  Best regards, Ian.


Software #2

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