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Overview – October Newsletter



We have just two weeks to go until we meet for the October 27 to 29 HGS Investor Seminar here in sunny California, and the HGSI Team will be here to greet you in full force.  Besides Ron and I we have the pleasure of George Roberts and Matt Sorrels at the seminar in addition to Denis Trover and Bill Roberts who helped me do the Hindenburg Omen (Hindy for short) research.    

I gave you a preview of what to expect on the Blog labeled “The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs” which concentrates on establishing early warning signs at both Market Tops and Bottoms using the NYSE Index.  In addition, you have noticed that I have resurrected a process we use relating to ferreting for Wolf Packs and that is the thrust of Ron’s movie for this month’s newsletter. The technique uses the proprietary feature of RelStr/Vel/Acel in the Group Ranking Tool and we will show you how to flip through and spy those groups that show signs of life as they abruptly change from red and yellow to green from one week to the next.  We will do this exercise as a Case Study so that you can become proficient at the concept, but we felt we would also explain the process to you ahead of time so that those attending and the newsletter users get a movie from Ron and an explanation from me with snapshots of the views we use. 

I’m sure you all breathed a sigh of relief when the FOMC intervened not once, but twice to give relief to Central Banks in coping with the sub-prime debacle by reducing the Fed Funds and Discount Rates.  We were snatched from the brink of a Bear Market, and the subsequent Bounce Play has been spectacular in its rise to not only wipe out the deficit, but also have most Indexes move into New High territory.  As a teaser, I show you a one page spreadsheet of the Hindy and give you chapter and verse on the perspective of the past eight weeks, the Calendar of Events affecting the market direction leading up to the FOMC meeting on October 31st. and Ron’s and my Trick or Treat present to you all well ahead of time!  Enjoy.  

We have had a strong sign up for the seminar and expect a full house and look forward to seeing you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Saturday, October 27th.  I assure you that as usual it will be well worth the trip, and you will go home with your Bongos under your arm and singing “Bingo, Bango, Bongo”!

Best regards, Ian 

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