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My New-Found Greek Blogger Friend!


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>>>(Ian many thanks for this and for mentioning my blog. As you realise, I am a fan!)<<< 

I tried to respond to you on your website, but it wanted my name and password from what I could gather, so I had to post my message here and hope that you will recognize your mascot from your site and see this response: The feeling is mutual, but I only wish I could read your notes and write in your language as well as you can in mine.  I am glad you and your readers are enjoying my blog.  Once this correction is over, I will be signaling it with an Indicator called “Bingo”, which should be at the lows of the market correction, so keep an eye out for that.  Then hopefully, it will follow up with an “Eureka” signal and that would be the time for the “All Clear”. It may be days or it may be weeks before it comes.  Tonight “Big Foot” should be the headline! 

I’m sure my supporters won’t mind seeing my response to your kind gesture, which has a heads-up to come in the message…we call it a winky-winky.  If you do wish to respond, please leave a comment in the place indicated below.  Alternatively, you can always respond to ian@highgrowthstock.com 

Once again, many thanks, Ian.

2 Responses to “My New-Found Greek Blogger Friend!”

  1. Thrass Kalochairetas Says:

    Hi Ian!

    I hope this works. Just saw your page and I’m thrilled to see the donkey gone international. Quite a few people in Greece got interested in your research – as I think all over the world and I had to translate. You obviously are gathering fans the world over. It has not been easy being cautious in our market but your blog has certainly helped make a case for caution with all our bulls convnced it can only go up. Luckily, I got mostly out before mid-October but remain ready to jump right in when the time is ripe.

    We will be looking forward to hearing your new signals. Till then, all the best,

    Thrass Kalochairetas

  2. Theresa Hui Says:

    Hi Ian,

    Now that you have become an international star, will we, your devoted former core disciples, still hold a special place in your heart?
    And thanks for the “Big Foot” alert blog posted this evening.

    Best Regards,
    Theresa H

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