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Late Breaking News…Read All About It!

When I was a young man still in College in Jolly Old London, I used to pass a
Newspaper Man selling his three Newspapers standing at the corner of Holborn
Tube Station and shouting out “News, Star or Standard…read all about it!”


Since this is an Educational Blog to help you Protect the Money you make and
hopefully learn to Make More Money (MMM), I felt it important to give you a
heads up before the News got stale and to show you the value of this trick.
Always Watch the Leaders to give you the earliest clue of the possible direction
of the Market.  They are fat with profits and are the first to get hit hard.  Today
was such a day.   If you do not have this list of stocks in your Users Group in the
HGSI Software, you are flying blind.  Take the time to enter the symbols into a
Users Group and watch the Index every day.

I show you two quick examples, one from two years ago at the Top of the Market,
which I used in the October 2007 Seminar, and the other fresh off the press which
is today’s “Read All About It!” The markets were down around 2.0% to 2.84%,
while the leaders dropped a hefty 4.39%.  Of course that is just one day, and can
only be considered a shot across the bow at this point in time, but watch their
behavior and see if the first chink in the armor turns into a massive tear:

hgs 701


A Picture is worth a thousand words, so here is what all the fuss is about:


To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed.  The Leaders Index is at a critical juncture. It must bounce back fast or the rally is over for now.

Best Regards, Ian.

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