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Stock Market: High Road or Low Road Tomorrow?

The Stock Market has been very tolerant so far of all the Debt Ceiling debate, and although great Earnings Reports last week from the likes of GOOG, IBM and AAPL have helped to keep it pointed upwards, time is running out and we may be in for harder times to come.

The KISS Approach I have taught you with the Thin Blue Pencil Line confirms that we are still on the High Road Scenario:

Once more the VIX quietened down to a reasonably safe territory, having done a jittery dance to 21 the previous week:

…And the Chief Canary, AAPL, has been chirping its way to Hog Heaven and knocking on the door of breaking above 400:

…But, all bets are off for tomorrow as the Futures Market already seems to be signaling a rough ride.  We may end up with Perfect Symmetry:

Keep your Powder Dry and be ready to work in whatever direction the Market takes.  Let’s hope it doesn’t eventually end below 1250…-8%!

Best Regards, Ian.

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