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California Here I Come!

It goes without saying that both Ron and I are working feverishly to give you another great Seminar in three weeks time.  We still have seats and I can assure you that we will raise the bar one more time.  I can tell from the lack of enthusiasm for the current market that many of you are turned off, but now is precisely the time for you to understand what to look for in both Down and Up Markets, so bring your better half along and you will learn a lot and have fun.  I am reaching out to my friends in the Kingdom of Tonga, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Europe, Israel and my good friend Kevin from Qatar to name a few who owe us a visit!  Let’s not forget all you who are faithful supporters here in the good old USA.

Now, if you don’t believe me that you will learn far more in person and be two years ahead of where you are now, then realize I gave you the clues of where this Market was headed and why back in my blogs of August 1 and then nailed it on August 4…go back and read that good stuff for yourself.  Here is the upto date picture of that clue:

I know, I know, that some of you are saying to yourselves “Ian, I can’t even read the chart, and this is far too confusing for me to understand”.  Not so say the Seminar Attendees…they know which way their bread is buttered.  But for those of you who don’t know it, we simplify all of this by then making it easy for you to follow with Ron’s part of the presentations that takes this and produces the easiest of pictures in the HGS Investor Software.  Please also understand that we will be addressing the latest Version 8 of the HGSI Software as well, so that you will see all the goodies on many fronts.  Add Chris White of EdgeRater to the list with the new tricks he has up his sleeves. Now let’s not forget Dr. Jeffrey Scott, who will as usual be sharing his latest insights with us and you have a powerful set of information to look forward to.  Let’s not forget the banter back and forth by the attendees in the room and all in all you will go away with knowledge coming out of your ears.   Yes, of course it’s a sales pitch, but we need your support right now.

Now here is the Calendar of events for the next week, and  you will see the Employment report comes out on Friday:

I’ll leave you with one Ray of Hope!  AAPL will talk about their iPhone on October 4:

Best regards, Ian.







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