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Stock Market: See-Saw Stalemate

The hour is late, but for my International supporters especially in the Far East they would like to get a feel for what is occuring on this side of the pond.  Bottom line is we are in Stalemate and bouncing up and down:

Let’s step back and put all that I do together using Impulse Indicators with both a Weekly and Daily Chart for the last few years.  I have kept you on the right side of the Market with Eurekas, Phoenix and Kahunas Up and Down:

%B has flip-flopped either side of the 0.5 line these last 5 days, so Bulls and Bears are in a tug-o-war:

More of the same showing the Stalemate:

Although there was a three Bucket down followed by a two bucket down day two days later, we are  near Stalemate:

…And here is the same thing using Accumulation and Distribution:

Last but not least, we are “All Quiet on the Western Front” with the VIX:

Best Regards, and Long Term Investors should keep your powder dry until this yin-yang settles down.


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