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Stock Market: See-Saw Stalemate

The hour is late, but for my International supporters especially in the Far East they would like to get a feel for what is occuring on this side of the pond.  Bottom line is we are in Stalemate and bouncing up and down:

Let’s step back and put all that I do together using Impulse Indicators with both a Weekly and Daily Chart for the last few years.  I have kept you on the right side of the Market with Eurekas, Phoenix and Kahunas Up and Down:

%B has flip-flopped either side of the 0.5 line these last 5 days, so Bulls and Bears are in a tug-o-war:

More of the same showing the Stalemate:

Although there was a three Bucket down followed by a two bucket down day two days later, we are  near Stalemate:

…And here is the same thing using Accumulation and Distribution:

Last but not least, we are “All Quiet on the Western Front” with the VIX:

Best Regards, and Long Term Investors should keep your powder dry until this yin-yang settles down.


2 Responses to “Stock Market: See-Saw Stalemate”

  1. George Loyd Says:


    Another great Blog. Keep up the great work. See you, Ron, and the gang in PV the end of October.

    George Loyd

  2. Paul R Says:

    Ian, Looking at the charts last evening two things jumped out at me, most of the cha cha cha stocks are now basing and many of the latest hot shots such as MNST had some decent profit taking yesterday. At the moment, this market doesn\’t look safe for Bob and Betty average. The cash in my account getting .0000000000001% interest is looking better all the time!

    As always many thanks for your blog and endless market lessons!

    Paul R

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