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Stock Market: Happy New Year for 2013

Happy New Year to all my Supporters around the Globe…I felt you would like to see how we celebrate the New Year here:

New Year Picture

…And good wishes to my friends in Qatar as representative of those who tune in around the globe:

New Year Qatar

New Year FC

My Last Blog suggested we need a Miracle to get out of this mess, and true to form we got a Miracle yesterday:

New Year Indexes

Note how difficult it has been for even short term traders to stay on the right side of this Yo-Yo Market:

New Year Pat

Five Buckets Up in one day is a “Rare Beast”, but that is exactly what we got…it has happened just seven times in 12 Years:

New Year Pat2

The Net Result is that the Bulls are back in control, but note the one-day change in Grandma’s Pies, which is up 28%:

New Year Pies

Everything hinges on what transpires in Congress in the next few days as to whether we have a Strong January Effect or not as we are at Stalemate on the Average %B Oscillator for seven Market Indexes:

New Year Osc

All eyes turn to Congress as they will vote tomorrow on the Bill provided by the Senate and that will dictate whether we continue the Bounce or fall back into the Dumpster:

New Year Congress

Good Luck to us All!


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