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Bulls and Bears at Crossroads

Given today’s statistics, you may be able to ride this Market both ways.  We are at a stalemate, but the Bulls can thank the four leaf clover gift from GM’s IPO and the Bailout of Ireland.  So we are back to Snakes and Ladders:


The strong Bounce today gave the Bulls some breathing room with many Market Indexes showing Kahunas to the upside, which translated says that they had a 1-Day Change in %B of >=0.24.  It now puts the S&P 1500 in the balance at a %B of 0.52:


The  S&P 1500 %B stocks above 0.5 was as low as 33.9% yesterday and potentially heading down to below 20%, but snapped back to 52.2%:


…And here’s the picture that shows both sides of the coin.  We are stuck in Limbo, but the Bulls are grateful to have that going into tomorrow:


As you would expect Grandma’s Pies offer a balanced taste between Sweet and Tart, but markedly improved from yesterday:


Likewise, the Inverted ETFs which were going full bore yesterday are now back to just holding the upper hand:


Tomorrow we have Options Expiration, so expect Volatility.  The action tomorrow will be key to whether this Rally can recover or flop.

Best Regards, Ian.

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