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Stock Market: Euphoria or Precipice

Although the deadline is August 2 for the Debt Ceiling resolution, I suggest the Market will be anticipating the outcome before then and probably by tomorrow.  I should remind you that a month ago the market was sitting on top of the world, and here we are a month later on the verge of a precipice.  The hour is late, and the House vote has not yet happened, so we are down to just one day:

I felt you would like to know what Euphoria and Precipice means in %B Terms so that you can judge where we sit:

I must remind you that the Market is currently in Correction as shown by the usual yardsticks we use for %B:

It’s finger biting time, and either you roll the dice and take a chance or you make up your mind to protect your portfolio.  Volatility as usual will be key to watch and as you can already see the VIX is pointing towards a new spike.  It’s Your Call.

Best Regards, Ian.


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